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The Domina School in Switzerland offers courses, education and training for aspiring Dominatrixes. Mistresses learn everything about female dominance, Female-led Relationship FLR and BDSM, for private or professional use.

The game of dominance and submission is the central element in BDSM. A dominatrix is familiar with the fantasies of her slave and knows how to use her tools to bring him to the limits of his devotion.

Are you looking for a kinky kick in your life? With us you will learn the basics of successful dominance, whether for professional use with your customers or to add excitement to your private life.

Instructor Tom

During a shoot in his photo studio, an aspiring dominatrix noticed that Tom knew all what she wanted to learn about femdom. So she made him her consultant and teacher. Her colleagues were also interested and so Tom developed a dedicated course programme with input from Dommes and Subs.

"Sometimes I got asked if it's not better to learn this from a dominatrix. Some of my students had done this before, but then lacked the perspective of the sub to be able to understand his desires and their influence on him, and also lacked a thoughtful theoretical foundation to build on with their own personalities."

For Tom, devotion is a lifelong passion and his experience as a sub turned out to be a great advantage in his teaching: He knows exactly what moves the clients of a dominatrix and he knows the corresponding techniques and their effects from his own experience.

Tom's calm manner and his previous activities as a designer, music teacher and author make him an effective and valued instructor.


Our basic course was created in 2 years of development work based on the experience of Tom, Marc, our subs and domme colleagues who run salons in London, Barcelona and Zürich.

Tom Deckard Instructor
basic course
Mistress Rachael Consultant Domina
Marc / Leila Instructor
Clinic & Latex
Sub D
Sub N
publikationenPress articles (German) in Tagblatt of Zurich and Doppelpunkt magazine
Watson ArtikelShort-interview in the Watson magazine
Some of the dominas we have trained
Marquise De Bale Nina Swiss Elizabeth Von Dass Mistress Daniella Domina Lania Goddess Jasmin Queen Yona Mistress Eve Lady Bruna

Training courses
for professionals or individuals

Course location: Wil SG near train station (30 min. from Zurich airport)
Course dates: are individually agreed, Mon - Thu afternoons/evenings

Fun taster course

    You are curious, but still unsure whether Femdom is something for you? Here we show you what it is all about and let you try it with our object.

  • 1 hour fun for CHF 250.–

Basics Course I: Theory

  • Theory & Psychology, Facets of BDSMs
  • Goals, style, inclinations and appearance
  • Equipment, safety, legalg
  • Session procedure
  • ca. 3 hours CHF 450.-*

Basics Course II: Technique

  • Roles & Techniques
  • Manners
  • Education & Discipline
  • Pain & Arousal
  • ca. 3 hours CHF 450.-*

Basics Course III: Practice

  • Planning a session
  • Phases of a session
  • Conducting a session
  • 2-3 hours CHF 450.-*

Clinic Courses I & II

  • Catheter, Enema
  • Urethra stretching
  • 2 1/2 hours CHF 420.-

  • Needles
  • 1 hour CHF 200.-

Advanced courses on individual topics

  • Anal stretching, fisting
  • Latex and rubber
  • Electrosex
  • Slavery
  • Sissification

Sessions and parties

  • On demand: Group fun sessions with specific themes
  • For subs: Private sessions with our trained dominas
  • All our subs and dommes get invited to our annual special party



  • Andreas-Cross
  • BDSM-couch
  • Gyno-chair
  • Pillory
  • Installing
  • see examples

Procedure and costs

All our private courses are individually tailored to your needs and build on your existing knowledge. The two basic courses combined with basic practical training each last approx. 3 hours (on 3 different days). We set the course dates according to your preferences. Possible schedules are from monday to thursday, afternoon or night.

*The costs are CHF 450 per basic-course for one dominatrix student. The complete 3 basic courses thus costs CHF 1350.-. For two students CHF 250.-/person, for three CHF 200.-/person.

After successful completion of the whole basic course, a certificate will be handed to you.

We too, have made adjustments because of Corona. We have therefore moved the course location from Schlieren to Wil SG (20 min. to Winterthur Zurich).

Courses in your country
Some students come from other countries to Switzerland just for the courses. If you do not have that possibility, we can discuss for our instructor to come to you. Contact us.

We also make furniture: Our special Deckard's cross for salons with little space, besides cross replaces also gynochair and bondage table

Deckardkreuz - St. Andrew's Cross Gynaecological Chair and Bondage Bench
Photography for femdom and BDSM

About sadomasochism

The topic still meets with incomprehension and many prejudices in the public. Even a certain popular book and film series has changed very little about it – not surprising, as it represents BDSM badly.

Those who are not familiar with the subject may find some of these practices repulsive - but as a sexual variety with mutual consent of all parties involved (concept of "safe, sane and consensual") there is nothing in BDSM that can be called reprehensible.

From a psychological point of view, it should be noted that studies attest the BDSM-practitioners a more balanced condition than the rest of the population. They show less stress in their lives and they are also more open and tolerant towards others. (Study by Juliet Richters from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, 2008)

A possible explanation for this is the psychological and physiological experiences with themselves and their partners they made through BDSM practices, which require a high degree of mutual trust, dedication, control and self-knowledge.

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